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This week I’m sharing some new recipes from my food blog, More Joyful Choices.  I decided to try another variation on my peach muffin recipe, and came up with some wonderful Strawberry Rhubarb GF muffins.  They can be made dairy free with almond milk, which is what we did, or you can make them with buttermilk.  Of course, you can also make these with wheat flour by substituting all-purpose flour for the GF flour blend, and omitting the xanthan gum.

Our other new favorite is a variation on a biscuit recipe that uses self-rising flour and whipping cream.  Since my mother-in-law always made cinnamon rolls using Bisquick, I decided to try making GF Cinnamon Rolls using Pamela’s Pancake & Baking Mix and whipping cream.  These moist, delicious rolls have a flavor and texture similar to coffee cake.  They were the perfect breakfast treat for my daughter’s birthday this week.

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